Janata Curfew-It’s not curfew, it’ cares for you

“If courage is contagious, ignorance is pandemic” The earlier and better we understand this, the more secure we will.

With this thought, while addressing the nation, PM Narendra Modi urged all the countrymen to follow Janata Curfew on Sunday, 22nd March from 7 AM to 9 PM. But this was just the beginning of a long battle against coronavirus outbreak.

Although, the pandemic corona virus has been a life threat, it has taught that our strength lies in unity. On the request of PM Narendra Modi, the entire nation stood up applauding and enchanting the praise of medical fraternity and all those service providers who are working day in and out delivering us essential services. Terming them as ‘Rashtra Rakshaks’, the nation expressed its gratitude to these people. The overwhelming response of ‘United we stand and divided we fall’ reflected that the nation and its countrymen are ready to defeat any challenge.

The pandemic has made us more dependent on each other than we have ever been. We have an enemy in corona virus that is fearless, race-less, casteless, and non-denominational. If we work together, we will be able to beat this pandemic Corona Virus.