Transforming from real to virtual space has come with its own set of challenges. But the good news is that human beings are capable of evolving. We all have the capacity to bend, not breaking in the face of challenge.Presenting the guest lecture series, IMI-B found immense pleasure in introducing honourable guest Mr. Prashant Dutta, Senior VP and Regional Business Leader – YES BANK as a speaker for leadership talk on 18th October 2020.


 Flexibility is a super savvy strategy that makes it easier to align with the volatile impermanence of our world, such as the astounding pace of technological and organizational change and pandemics. He emphasized on Adaptability as the only ways to respond to the unpredictable and uncertain environment. According to him, the pandemic has given us a new market. We have to alter our behaviour towards our job and need to learn new ones. The world is full of opportunities, we need to carve out space amidst all uncertainties. Much of life’s pain stems from the gap between expectation and reality. But we need to believe in ourselves. After all, belief doesn’t require any kind of skill. Our life gives each of us strange personal experiences. Sometimes less experienced can beat the more experienced ones.


Finally, we all experience frustration, uncertainties while learning the new normal in different areas. Our mind is fundamental in embracing change. A growth mindset is something we need to practice consistently and not let it be our enemy