To equip ourselves for the dynamic business world, a leadership talk with Mr. John Mathew Sebastian, Head of Talent Acquisition and Employee Relations, V-Guard Industries Limited was organized by the Placement Committee of IMI Bhubaneswar. Mr. Mathew is an industry stalwart having a rich experience of almost 13 years in the field of Talent Acquisition and development.
This session was mainly based on what MBA students should do and how can they transform themselves in the 2 years of their academic journey. The speaker started the session by saying, “If you still enjoy the view from the backseat, then doing an MBA will not change anything, playing safe is never an option in life”. Furthermore, he added, adapting to the dynamic environment and managing limited resources are very crucial in our journey. Students should have the gumption to do new tasks, they must believe in themselves and be passionate about their ideas. He cited examples of various successful personalities like Thomas Watson, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and a few others to draw inspiration from their lives and overcome any hindrances that comes our way.
He also shared the usefulness of G.E.A.R Mentality in our MBA journey, where G stands for Growth mindset, E stands for Enterprise for a business view, A stands for agility and R stands for Re-inventing oneself.

The session ended with a short interactive personality test which gave us a view of the personality traits of students from diverse backgrounds. The leadership talk was long-awaited and was received with great enthusiasm from the students.