Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. On 7th December 2020, a Leadership Talk was arranged by IMI with Mr. Ankur Chaturvedi, Head of International Supply Chain and Project, Emamias the speaker who talked about the ever-changing business world.The world has seen immense change during and post-covid and the supply chain has seen a major shift in its functioning. Hence it was very much necessary for the students to understand Change. The speaker stressed why SCM is important for a company, what kind of changes were made to maintain the bottom-line in the lockdown phase, and how it plays a significant role in influencing the customer's preferences.

The speaker also stressed on the importance of being dynamic and be ready to adapt to any kind of change, even if the change is a pandemic itself. He addressed different questions and concerns from students about the challenges and uncertainties in uncertain times and told them how their leadership will be tested in hard times and the need to equip oneself beforehand.