Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Programme

With an intention to make the students aware about the quality improvement in the organizations through six-sigma concept, a “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Programme” was organized at IMI, Bhubaneswar during September 22 to 25, 2018. Mr. Nana Vijayanagaram, Assoc. Director, Business Excellence, KPMG at Chennai was the trainer for the programme.

Students from various management specializations such as Operations, Marketing, Human Resource and Business Analytics along with the first-year PGDM students took part in the training-programme with great enthusiasm. Students felt amazed at finding the beautiful amalgamation of the various fields such as the quality philosophy of Kaizen, the statistical approach of mathematics and the power of computer in the form of Minitab software; in the ‘Lean Six Sigma’ approach as is used in the organizations to improve their quality standards and to maintain it.

During the programme, the students learned the concepts of Lean Six Sigma and its implementation in the real world business scenario. The students were also taught to solve business problems through Minitab Software. Group exercises and role-plays were also held which enabled the students to apply their learnings to practical corporate scenario.