Lohri is the harvest festival of Punjab, popularly known as the bread basket state of India. It is believed that the festival commemorates the passing of the winter solstice as Lohri was originally celebrated on winter solstice day.

The festival of Lohri, this year, was celebrated on the night of 13th January, with full zeal and energy at IMI Bhubaneswar campus. The mood on the campus was upbeat, the students as well as faculty were all immersed in the festive spirit.
Everyone gathered in their festive attires looking best for the occasion. A key symbol of Lohri is the bonfire. Lighting of the fire has been common in winter festivals throughout time and to the world it signifies the return of longer days. So, the celebration kicked off by lighting bonfire and ‘Lohri Poojan’. Prof. Ramesh Behl, the Director of the institute, greeted the students and faculty present and stressed on the value of the culture. After that everyone worshipped 'Dhooni', groundnuts and sweets were distributed among the students. After Poojan, everyone danced and sang around the bonfire. The day ended on a high note with a delightful dinner.