"A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes."

In order to stregthen this value, IMI Bhubaneswar conducted 2 1-day MDPs for the executives of Vedanta Aluminium Limited at Jharsuguda.The first programme on Managing Self was conducted on 27th February, 2017. The programme emphasized the importance of understanding self in order to prioritize and have clarity of vision. The participants were also exposed to the topics on positive attitude, time management and managing ones emotions.

The second programme on Managing Others was conducted on 28th February, 2017. The main topics covered in the programme were Emotional Intelligence, Power and Influence, Managing Conflict and Building Effective Teams.
Adding to it, a MDP on Training and Development was also conducted at NTPC which emphasized on grooming and enriching the personality of employees and aimed at increasing their self-confidence.