Prof. Rajesh Katiyar

Designation- Assistant Professor

Specialization- Operation Management

& Quantitative Techniques


Yes, you heard it right. Infants, kids, teens, or adults, nowadays, we all remain a part of our own virtual world and what remains outside of that 8-inch device, is none of our business. There has been an immense surge in the technical ability for offering people, who are at a distance from other individuals and events, with immediate contact to anybody, anywhere and at any point of time. The utilization of mobile phone has enhanced a brand-new aspect of virtual social mobility to an ongoing fad for geographically stretched, quicker, and further tailored social interface. However, the invention has come with its own obsession which has been increasing every second, every minute and every hour of the day and there seems to be no end.
The younger generation is most fragile and highly influenced by the power of mobile phone around, due to the non-realisation of adversities owing to the lack of maturity. Children are not fully-grown yet, their developing brains and bodies make them exceptionally exposed to the consequences of the ecosystem around them, including all sort of radiations generated by mobile phones and all other kinds of wireless devices. In the new age, the children are exposed to technology at younger ages than ever before. They are generally noticed spending too much time on their cell phones, be it while eating, sleeping, playing, studying, or whether they are in the inner or outer ambience, mobile phone has become an indispensable part of their lives. When it comes to spare time for studies, we force them into it and get it managed, what totally miss our attention primarily amidst all this, are those vacant playgrounds and the excitement with which we would quickly finish our homework because balls, bats, friends, and stories would wait for us.
There are several health hazards to mental and physical well-being associated with overdoing of cell phones. Lower IQ, inadequate mental growth, sleep deficiency, brain tumours and psychiatric diseases are just some of them. The radiations from phones pose greater threat to physical damages in children and even to foetus. The level of ray absorption is greater in children than adults as their brain tissues are more permeable.
But are children to be solely blamed for this addiction???
Are we not bigger culprits to hand them over mobile phones so that they eat without cribbing or we do not have to roam around them due to paucity of time, we purposely hand them over the device so that they sit quietly allowing us to watch our favourite show? Also, the fast-paced world where both the partners are working professionals, relying upon a day-care for upbringing of a child brings our children closer to mobile dependence. Yes, we all at some or the other point have contributed to this unrealised addiction.
Good quality health is above all the wealth of materialistic world, but majority of us undermine our personal health, and become irresponsible about our children’s mental and physical state day-by-day, caused by the unwarranted use of cell phones. Most of the world population has mobile phones today. Many a times we do not even remember the last time we turned it off. All of this gives adequate base to discuss about a cell phone addiction, and particularly about the potential threats of cell phones on children’s health. Let our kids not miss those memories which we all still cherish and will cherish forever.