On 11th of June, a new chapter of my life started with my joining in International Management Institute, Bhubaneswar. Being a B.sc Botany Majors, it was a complete change of environment for me. Full of mixed feelings of fear, surprise and joy I was ready to face the reality with all my guts.
The orientation week showed me the path to be followed to achieve my desired goals. The new family, mixed people, mixed culture, mixed thoughts were all around me all day long. The campus amazed me by its beauty showing all its glory and might.
But still confused about my potential to carry these, I started my classes. The seniors guided me though. One day after another, I got a little clarity in my thoughts about my future and my potential. Even the first week itself taught me that everyone is a new comer over here. “You need to unlearn first before learning something”, the sentence which motivated me the most. I started feeling a bit more confident and ready to face the challenges-cum-opportunity.
The election of the CR was the first to knock on my door. I took that as an opportunity to add some points and to enrich my skills. I was one among the three competitors, stood on the Dias, gave my reasons to be the CR. It is said that participation is more important than winning. I gained a lot from it. It showed me my strong points and my weak points on which I have to work upon.
Days passed like seconds and everyday was a new sunrise for me, bringing to me new opportunities to grab. A month passed and it was the time for the first event, the academic fest SPARX’X7. Again, the time to be the SPOC and take the responsibilities. This time I was more ready than the previous time, and the whole class took me as the eligible candidate to be selected as the SPOC for the event.
Being the single point of contact for the Sponsorship of the event was a challenging job. The first of its kind in my life. Starting from motivating the students, to selecting the corporate companies, till creating a long term positive relationship with them for a long term was a tough job.
I could have never been able to do this without the support of the other two SPOCs and my whole IMI family. We all worked hard, gave our best. The result- Successful SPARX’X7.
Also being a part of Media & PR committee and the Branding committee give me a chance to contribute my best to the college and add some more stars to it. Teaches me to take responsibilities and to work on my weak areas and nurture me to grow up and climb a step ahead.
It’s been three months now, still every day is a new day for me , full of new surprises. Every day I wake up to unlearn something and then learn something new from this college.