Mr. Sanjeev Das

In this month's Nostalgia section, we would like to introduce you to Mr. Sanjeev Das who paid a visit to IMI Bhubaneswar in June 2014 for a Guest Lecture on Emerging Challenges to Business & Leadership. Mr. Sanjeev Das is currently serving as Executive Vice-President – Mines at Jindal Steel & Power Limited. Mr. Das was VP (Vice-President) Corporate Affairs at Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd. (IMFA), Bhubaneswar at the time of his visit to IMI Bhubaneswar. 

Mr. Das started his speech by stating “The world of today is a conundrum of uncertainties". There are various factors which are ever-changing and ever evolving like social media which had changed the way how business houses operate in today’s world. Also, how the pre-informed customers who are tough to handle had made the corporate houses work hard. So, adapting to such complications requires a change in our attitude. So, he insisted to Be the change! Be the winner!  

He also explained about the scarcity of resources which is a major challenge for businesses to sustain. Thus, to tackle this limitation he suggested some innovative solutions that the organization should adopt like prioritizing expenditures, out-of-the-box thinking, and planning for uncertain natural and man-made resources.

The resources must be used intelligently to get the maximum potential out of it in the form of increased sales and revenues. There is always a presence of uncertainty in the business. Any opportunity which is pleasing for the time being may alter its nature at any time. Therefore, one has to take a chance for experimentation. Because taking chances and efforts can create miracles. Top-notch business leaders worldwide have one thing in common i.e., taking strategic risks.

He ended on a note that someone has very well said that “change is the only constant in nature”. Customer's taste will change with time and expectations will be higher. A true businessman has to be prepared with a backup plan and innovative alternatives which shall fulfil the dynamic customer needs and expectations.