Orientation programme2018

Life is an exciting and enriching circle of joy, learning, experiences, fun, teachings etc., with this IMI-Bhubaneswar stepped one more step to carry the legacy of management, entrepreneurship, learning, decision making and leadership towards the batch of PGDM 2018-20. So to welcome juniors with full enthusiasm, every year IMI organizes Orientation program. In the orientation programme, director of IMI Bhubaneswar Prof. Ramesh Behl addressed the issue of aspiration and importance of hard work to become someone of eminence.
They were subjected to a virtual snapshot about the function, operations & a life within the campus. How it may be going to leave a permanent, life longing impression on their mind. It is expected that succeeding generation/batches will brighten the legacy carried by their former, so to initiate the same, the Orientation program started with a lamp-lighting ceremony followed by an inspiring speech by the director. He addressed the issue of aspirations and goals that people set in their lives and how they should give themselves a chance to achieve it.