Prof. Supriti Mishra at 8th Global Business Research Conference in Milan, Italy

Prof. Supriti Mishra recently attended the 8th Global Business Research Conference in Milan, Italy during July 13-14, 2017, jointly organized by LIUC-Università Cattaneo, Italy and World Business Institute, Australia.

 Prof. Mishra presented her co-authored paper "Study of Governance Practices followed in Indian Business Groups and Industries” in the Conference. The paper dealt with the question, “Do Indian companies belonging to a particular business group or industry follow similar governance practices?” The paper attempted to answer this question by studying the governance practices followed in the listed Indian companies during the sample period of 2002-2015 using mixed effects linear regression model. The research shows that within-group variation in corporate governance is higher than the within-industry variation. Corporate governance is also found to be positively correlated with the age, market-to-book, investment made by both domestic and foreign institutional investors, and negatively correlated with the book value of assets and promoter’s equity holdings. This paper argues that mere disclosure of corporate governance practices is not enough to address corporate governance failures. Inherent characteristics of firms, their affiliations to business groups and industries can significantly alter the corporate governance structures.