BATCH: PGDM2020-2022

Taking admission into a B-school is a very serious step one takes in life. I too wanted to make the most of the resources and opportunities I was bestowed with. And hence I joined a college named IMI Bhubaneswar. This name will be remembered for a lot of things- shaping my skill set, developing my character, and helping me to understand the world a bit better. Everything one could possibly ask. The people, the moments, the learnings. It's a part of me now that I will carry for long.

The most striking feature of IMI Bhubaneswar that probably distinguishes it from other colleges is its curriculum. The college doesn't go lenient on the students with the learning part which rightfully should be the case. The rigorous academic activity prepares the student for the corporate life which he/she would thank for later in life.

I was decent at my studies and IMI Bhubaneswar helped me secure an internship at the reputed Reserve Bank of India. The professors and placement preparations helped me hone my skills and character as an individual. Continuously working on research papers and learning technological software helped improve my CV. The drive to better understand the banking industry consequently landed me a job in ICICI Bank as an Assistant Relationship Manager under the Services Sector Group. Currently, I am placed at the head office of ICICI Bank at BKC, Mumbai. Grateful for all the little and bigger things.