Placecomm Experience by Bramhaji Naidu

Bramhaji Naidu as member of placement committee
The placement committee is the much sought-after committee in any business school. Working for placement committee gives way to various rewards and responsibilities. My journey in placement committee so far is as follows:
Entry into the placement committee
Member of placement committee is a position of responsibility that makes a considerable point on your CV. Not only this, it brings a considerable amount of responsibility that is to be carried out. In order to make sure that the members who enter the committee can take up these responsibilities with utmost dedication and sincerity, the process to entry is meticulously designed and all the students who wish to be a part of this placement process have to pass through this process.
Negotiate with the recruiters
The committee members have to negotiate with the recruiters on various parameters. The process starts with these members pitching to the potential officials about the campus and the batch. Once the partner is convinced, and then negotiation takes place over profiles, salary, and shortlisting criterion. If you think you have good negotiation skills and you can take the responsibility to pitch and negotiate, then you will be able to walk down this path.
Maintain Confidentiality
The most difficult task that members have to undertake is to maintain confidentiality on various grounds. It is ensured that not even the minutest of the information about events, recruiters or rules shall be leaked out. Members often refrain to discuss the insights of the committee discussions. Recessive economic scenario and turning competitive situation tends to ensure this is carried out suitably.
Being unbiased
If you are a part of the placement committee, it is likely that your friends will expect favors from you. It is one of the most dangerous perils faced at the personal level. You have to be truthful to your position and also be loyal to your friends. It is often suggested to be loyal to your position and carry out the work sincerely. In the later course of life friends will be able to comprehend your position.
Being strict
No doubt that since you are a part of the batch, people will often take you for granted. You will have to be strict sometimes for the good of your friends and the people who take part in the process. The weapon that comes to be most handy during this time is “Placement Penalty Rules”.
Placement committee gives you a requisite amount of learning experience and unmatched value that you cannot get with any type of work you do. Interfacing with the companies and researching for the potential recruiters gives a considerable amount of repository of knowledge.
Ability to do quality research, sequence out logical thought process, good communication skills, good at team work are some of the traits of a placement committee member.  Finally as a member of placement team you are required to be good at task ownership, taking up responsibilities, give out quality deliverables, take up initiative and exhibit your leadership skills.