Poster Competition By Fintellects, The Finance Club

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”, is well understood by the Fintellects, an initiative of the   Finance & Accounting area at IMI Bhubaneswar, by organizing Poster Competition. The event presented an opportunity for the participating students to use their creative thinking in learning the nuances of finance. Mutual fund investment, trade war, digital banking, FDI vs. FII, market growth, mergers & acquisition, failed economy among others were the topics assigned to different participating groups of students based on which the students had to design a poster. Besides learning, the activity turned out an accretion to the skills of the participants in team work, coordination, public interface and creative thinking.

As “winner’s make a habit of manufacturing their own idea”, was perfectly reflected in the poster of the group with the topic on stock market scam. This team communicated their version of learnings by a handmade poster with the animated pictures. Second came the group with the topic on mutual fund investment, while the group with the topic on mergers & acquisition appeared third with their portrayal of recent case of merger between the Flipkart & Walmart. The activity ended with students learning various concepts of finance in a creative and easy way.