ROUNDTABLE CONCLAVE- Leading Teams in the Digital World

IMI Bhubaneswar had organized a round table conclave with several industry experts on 4th September, 2021 sharing their insights on Leading Teams in the Digital World. Prof. Ramesh Behl and Prof . Pallavi Pandey welcomed and introduced the panel members.

Sandeep Tyagi (Director HR, Samsung Electronics)-gave us an understanding of the complete landscape of thought, action planning regarding the whole direction of the corporate world and society. Indranil Bhattacharya (DGM HR Rupa and Company)-Conveyed about the sudden change about how gradually we got accustomed and he strongly believes that one world is the digital world and the other is where people are comfortable in offline traditional business. Indians are high on affiliation and the only change being is flexibility. Dhaval Thanki (VP – Asia Pacific)-expressed his views on different categories of organizations having a different impact. One initiative is the transformation of the organizational culture. As a team leader who is responsible for a set of people help them enjoy their work. One must transform the work culture and that is the responsibility of the institution /organization. Vinit Patawari (CEO & co-Founder – Stock edge) conveyed that the scenario has been different for a different set of people. He strongly believes that leaders should set directions that inspire the team. Ms. Sonali Ramaiah(digital company dealing in aerospace) talked about digital literacy, the transformation was quite rapid, but the anticipation was not there, adaptability is the key she said. Leaders need to think what the culture they are building and how will one build visibility for people? Sonali’s company moved into the hybrid mode in January 2021, ensured how the teams worked together. Building a team character, gave the ownership to teams and managers to discuss who wants to come on which date, which will be a common day (Example of co-Creation). She also talked about emotional intelligence, whatever change is happening out there it is hitting us as well, it’s quite hectic overall. However, one can make themselves self-resilient and start focusing on yoga meditation.