Another batch of IMI is about to go through a journey, a journey of seeking confidence and experiencing professionalism. Keeping this in my mind, I would start from the beginning.
I remember about a year ago while sitting in my classroom, I had many concerns and questions about the training experience I was about to get. in general, I was nervous about whether my year in the classroom would not give enough ability to work effectively in the industry. I feared I would make mistakes because of lack of experience and be worried about whether I will be a mismatch for the organisation culture which I had no idea of. I had so many question and concern which were never expressed but here I have finished my training successfully and writing about my experience. As director sir said that classroom learning is not everything but it is very important and it holds true when you experience it yourself. you are able to apply your class learning in the practical setting.
Speaking about the work during my SIP, I spent nearly 2 and half months as an intern in circuit 9 communications which is an advertising agency in Bangalore. This organisation is no different from another modern day corporate- "stressed, depressed but well dressed". I joined in as a 'client servicing intern' which means nothing. I really do nothing directly that could impact the organisation, my work was kind of 'behind the scenes'. After working about a month on different departments of the organisation, like strategy, client servicing, copywriting, I got involved in different types of project that covered aspects of advertising. one of which was completing a project titled 'EFFECTIVENESS OF ADVERTISING IN INFLUENCING PURCHASE DECISION OF CONSUMER'. I hope the 2 months’ experience would help me in future.
if I am talking about my experience how could I forget about the fun I had during my stay in Bangalore. I enjoyed the coffee, the late night rides, the delicious food, the adventurous trips and the awesome places in Bangalore. the only time I didn't enjoy was the time when I had to pay the bills. Bangalore is costly, but as it is said 'every good thing comes with a price'.
In short, the time spent was memorable and will be cherished for the lifetime.