Hello, I am Sayani Bhattacharya (Batch: PGDM 2021-23) and today I will share with you my SIP Experience.


As we all know, "Practice makes a man perfect," so the summer internship process is a practice for mastering various work skills and understanding the competitive market. It resembles a trial for admittance into the corporate world.


Life is like riding a bicycle; we must keep moving in order to stay balanced. After COVID-19, things became stagnant, so I continued applying for internships and live projects to keep things moving. I still recall the surreal feeling I experienced when I learned that I had been chosen for the ICICI Bank's summer internship programme. Being employed by ICICI bank allowed me to advance professionally. As an intern here, I've learned in-depth information about the various components and resources of the financial market.


Through this internship, I've learned the ‘ins and outs’ of marketing and how a retail bank functions, as well as how to retain customers. We faced numerous roadblocks every day as we tried to develop strategies for interacting with financial market experts and attracting new clients. These challenges forced me to think creatively and develop new skills.


My lessons from ICICI Bank have given me the ability to effectively communicate, persuade others, manage a team, and much more. It also gave me more self-assurance to survive in the corporate environment and take on the fierce competition.