SIP Experience in Dabur India Ltd

I did my summer internship at Dabur India Ltd. I was placed as a Market Research Intern through campus placement process at IMI Bhubaneswar in the month of November. Well, working as a Research Intern with one of the largest Indian FMCG companies has given me a lot of exposure that I think is surely going to help me in the long run. It was really a great experience. My internship was of 2 months, location of internship was Ranchi and it went through two phases. Phase 1 was primarily work from home. In this phase we were asked to do the secondary research about the products of Dabur and its competitors.

I got to know about the Strategies adopted by Dabur for its different segments. I went on doing different analysis of the products such as SWOT analysis, Porters 5 forces, Competitors analysis, etc. Though this phase was work from home, it never affected my learning. The second phase of my internship was field work. Soon after Unlock 1.0 we could go to the market and do the field work. I was really very excited for this as this project required a lot of travelling across the length and breadth of Ranchi, meeting retailers and wholesalers to find out how Dabur was faring against brands like Patanjali, Marico, Parle, etc. We were a group of three interns doing the same Research project and we interacted and surveyed around 500 sellers of Dabur across Ranchi. The survey was done through a structured questionnaire. ASM of Dabur Ranchi was our corporate mentor. He helped us at every stage. Through this phase I really got an insight of market as well as consumers. I was exposed to the functioning of a FMCG and gained knowledge about how the distribution and pricing works for a FMCG sector. As a marketer, it is really very important to understand the market, sellers as well as consumers. I got to know what all problems were faced by the companies and the retailers during the lockdown period. And not only Dabur, I also got to know about the service and the range provided by other FMCG Companies such as Patanjali, Parle etc. Basically, It was like experiencing and learning everything practically that I have studied in the first year of my MBA. Every single day we went to the market, we learned something new. Meeting new people across age groups and locations gave a different perspective every single day. The learning was immense and made it worth the effort. We were constantly mentored/ guided by our Corporate mentor. Also, my faculty guide extended her full support and guidance throughout my SIP. Lastly to conclude, I will just say - It was really a holistic learning experience with Dabur India Pvt Ltd and it is surely going to shape my learning and career curve.