SIP Experience Of Rishabh Puria

From Classroom to a Corporate structure, the transition was at first a bit scary but then it grew on me, & this Corporate setting made me learn certain key aspects of the game called ‘Business’. To give you clarity let me add details to it.

I got selected for my Summer Internship (SIP) in Reliance Home Finance (Kolkata Division). I joined as a Management Trainee there and my Project was on Market Research. I was assigned a task, one out of many others, to meet the existing Top Channel Partners as well as the Customers of the RHF (Kolkata Division), and help in designing a suitable strategy, based on the interactions I had, for the Marketing Team. These interactions, in particular, formed a vital set for the Tangible as well as the Intangible part of my project. The knowledge which I gained, through these experience sharing, made me realize the chinks in the armor, which is almost invisible to the untrained eyes, of the business, and the ways to remove it.