SIP experience of Satyajit Sarma

Marketing is my passion and working in Aditya Birla was my dream and it was only because of IMI Bhubaneswar that helped me to club both passion and dream into reality. Working in Aditya Birla Fashion a& Retail Ltd. (Pantaloons) for 2 months was a moment of great learning and experience for me where I could directly apply the theories of Marketing into reality. As a Marketing Intern, it gave me a platform to directly deal with customers, know their requirements and preferences for various brands in the store, getting their feedbacks and resolving their issues being in CSD (Customer Service Desk) and also to make and formulate various strategies which will directly impact the sales of Pantaloons. This internship helped me to acquire the skills of Marketing and Sales, how a team (staffs) is being managed by a manager and also to manage time efficiently which will definitely help me in near future