SIP Experience of Shikha

Summer Internship @ Vox Populi Research
The chance to work with Vox Populi Research was an utter privilege. The strain, stress, timelines and the fun while completing the work or submitting it, all have been there yet with a purpose of development.
Working on multiple projects was extremely enriching to get acquainted with every tit and bits of a business. While those 2 months there, I witnessed clients like Reckitt Benckiser, You Tube, OLX, Perfetti, my city 4 kids etc. The kind of issues these clients came up for market research were very enriching in terms of practicality of real problems a firm goes through and sort out with the help of market research.
It thought me that even to maintain your position you have to run. It taught me so much in such a short span of time which will be a milestone in my career.
The energy and appetite of achieving more have been the key to performance at Vox which deliberately keeps you engage in every moment of learning.
It has always been learning about findings, concepts and theories that other people have generated, but at Vox we do the findings and the generation part, which in itself is a proud task to do.
The paper I worked on for my Summer Internship along with additional projects was – PSEPHOLOGY - A branch of political science which deals with the study and scientific analysis of elections. I collated the various past data to study the various trends, pattern existing in them for an analytical framework. The aim is to deepen the understanding of how politics shapes and frames developmental processes.
The study was of Elections upcoming in following two states – Gujarat & Karnataka. The project was to extract the trend been there from past 5 years as in the number of voters increase-decrease, the party won, a number of seats won, comparisons based on age and voting. The result shows the inclination of the voters among the two major party: BJP and INC based on their preferences.
The report unveils the different trend followed at different level elections, be it – General Elections, Assembly Elections or Civic Polls by peoples of different caste, dwelling at different places to keep a check on how it influences their choice of vote.