Akash Bhadra


With the growth of rapid industrialization, the need of management is felt everywhere. A research report states that the most natural conditions under which a student can learn and succeed is by implementing theories to the practical field. It helps a student to learn, improve, experiment, and improvise knowledge in all possible ways and pit that knowledge into action. The Summer Internship Process is the first insight into the reality of the corporate world. It gives us a chance to learn work skills and to grab useful experiences in the competitive job market. With the hope of getting a better opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skill, I joined UNION ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY, a subsidiary of UNION BANK OF INDIA. Due to the pandemic, a work from home internship was an appropriate experience for me. Being a summer intern at UNION AMC has given me hands-on experience on how to formulate relevant strategies and how to incorporate these strategies into reality in the mutual fund industry. I had to Study about the Mutual Fund Penetration levels and future of Mutual Fund industry in India. This experience is teaching me a lot about the mutual fund sector in India, future development of the industry, consumer behaviour and penetration strategy of mutual fund investments in Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities. Working in a government backed asset management company which has collaboration with leading Japanese asset management company Dia-ichi life holdings Inc., these learnings have enabled me to brainstorm and bring out unique ways of redressal, to think out-of-the box and to get exposed to different areas of financial learning. I get to experience ways to study customer perceptions regarding mutual fund and how this perception can boost the Indian Mutual Fund Industry. A lot of research-oriented analysis and live interaction is happening with different banking channel personnel involved in mutual fund sector and broker firms in the mutual fund industry. MBA is the foundation stone to a management carrier. The classroom learning needs to be reinforced by practical exposure. This SIP has helped me learn sound managerial and administrative skills, self-reliance, time management, and business etiquette. This has also helped me understand industry's requirements and face the cut-throat competition in corporates. It is a great privilege for me to be an intern in this Asset management company.