The first event of the year, the academic event SPARX’X7 was organised on 18th August 2017. One of the most amazing chapter of an Imight’s life. The platform to showcase their managerial skills, the stage to showcase the glory of their 16-acre lush green campus and the day to create memories. It started with election of SPOC and giving them responsibilities to carry on their shoulders. The three pillars of any event: Sponsorship, Promotion and Event management were successfully erected by the active participation of the Imights, they proved to be the best among all. Whether it is academics, sports or events, “we are the best”. The sponsorship teams started their work first. Going to the companies and creating a positive corporate relationship was a heavy challenge. But students gave their best and gained a rich experience out of it .the promotion teams were actively engaged in reaching various colleges and the students. The college was full of life that day, students from various colleges like ASBM, BIMTECH, IIIT and many more actively participated in all the events and made the event a grand success. The event management teams showed their skills by conducting the whole event smoothly. The cumulative participation of each and every imight was being reflected that day. Starting from the On-Spot-Registration desk to escorting the students to their respective venues, everything was at its place proving the skills of the campus, faculties and the students. The credit of the success of the event goes to the director, Prof. Ramesh Behl. Also, this event was never be able to sustain itself until the guidance of the faculties. They were there with the students at each and every point, guiding them to go on the right track starting from sponsorships till the events. The guidance of the seniors can never be neglected. They stood by the side like a mentor to support the juniors in arranging the whole event.

SPARX not only showcase the college but also showcase the faces of the potential and the growing leaders of tomorrow. The companies get to know about the students which help them during their SIPs, Live projects and Final Placements. This is not just an activity, this is just a start of the opportunities yet to arrive, and this is just a trailer of the amazing challenges yet to knock on the door. This is just a drill for the students which will make them stronger to face the corporate reality.