It’s the genesis of the dawn

But the struggle is on

For I carry this pain

The gift I have gained

After all the mistakes

And the curse of the fate

That I couldn’t evade


In this land alone

Without a trace to show

A way to a restful site

To rest and design

To reach the height

Where the people smile

And toil to climb

The endless sky


The repetitive whys

Take all that lies

To propel my mind

So I cannot stand

And play with sand

To avoid despair

With a smile I bear

For it’s better than before

I am not pondering anymore

But it always bothers

The sand will smother

And prove me weak

For they still reek

Somewhere within

With the strength to go on

And the will to carry on

Turning their back

For what I lack

Which I cannot stand


So after the whys

I gaze at the sky

And exert to rise

For a tool to devise

In an arid land

The stress to stand

But I will persist

For the spirit exists

That I will never lie

And let them say goodbye