A positive induction experience promotes student persistence with their studies and engenders a sense of institutional belonging. It therefore plays an important role in student retention.
In keeping with the guidelines of University Grants Commission, the International Management institute Bhubaneswar on Monday 12th July initiated a virtual Student Induction Programme to facilitate first-year students of postgraduate programmes to know about their institution and understand its history.
Welcoming the PGDM entrants of 2021-2023 as new members of the university's family, faculties complimented them for choosing IMI-B, an institute to secure 63rank from the National Assessment and Accreditation Committee, for pursuing their PG studies.

The programme included a variety of ice-breaking activities such as Know your Classmates, Life stories on Personal Journey for Excellence etc. The webinar was particularly valued for providing a “face” to the course, facilitating interactivity among tutors and students and helping the students to feel part of the University. The entire online session was dedicated to discussions between the faculties and students. The student body was divided into small groups to facilitate peer to peer learning. These sessions within the orientation included a variety of topics such as effective learning online, team-building, and learning via e-library. Motivational movies were screened to encourage students.
The world has already witnessed a massive transition to virtual learning due to the lockdown. Institutes are now resorting to the online route to conduct assessments, Placements, admission of students. Now students are also welcomed via virtual induction programmes as colleges prepare for the new academic year.