Swayam SampurnaPanigrahi

Assistant Professor

(Operation Management & Quantitative Technique)

Through the leaves, shining bright              

 Up I see is the full moon night..             

 Dazzling dew drops in the moonlight              

 makes me yearn...Ah! such a lovely sight!!


 Asleep the world leaving the owl and me               

 Silently listening to the nature's lullaby               

 Of the blowing wind the falling leaf and the strolling rats..               

 Accompanying them are the flying bats...


  Half a month of wait sits on the rock              

  is the werewolf with his deepest of love                                

  He thinks that the moon                

  will come very soon...                                    

  Fool he was when the fact he knows             

  that this moon just comes and goes..


  Here I sit with my books staring at the clock

and smelling the wetted soil...         

  I write this poem awake and tired              

of burning the midnight oil...