The only thing constant is change. This saying is attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus, one of the most significant western thinkers to have lived before Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. I was told about this when I was in my graduation and really after that I have started observing changes in everything very frequently and even more frequently in human nature
And even more frequently in my opinions. Change is one of the most frightening things many of us face in life, and yet we all encounter it every day. Everything that is created in creationWill change naturally. In other words, the power the change is in everything God created butHere is the principle: Human beings are the only creatures that can manage changes made for their benefit. The point is to stop worrying about change and accept that things will not be the same tomorrow. When we do, we become a lot more appreciative of the moment we have right now. Some changes are predictable, but most changes are not. There are certain things which are beyond our control. Like we can’t challenge the changing climate; instead, we just adjust ourselves according to that. Apply the same rule to your life. Life is constantly changing! The lord built change into our world and we must note despise it.

In scriptures, we can see that free will has been available to mankind since the beginning of creation. The problem with the world is that everybody’s excited about change but the truth of the matter is that not every change is positive. We are the only creatures God created who can actually sit down and plan what kind of future we want. We can actually control the change this is called the power of the will. From my point of view the will is beautiful gift and yet it’s the most dangerous gift god ever gave man because the power of will gives us the ability to decide against god who gave the will.
God had to give that creature the same quality that he has. This is why a man who was created by God could actually tell God he doesn’t exist! God could have made us like machines. Instead God created children. And He gave us free will -the ability to think, reason and make our own choices. The phrase ‘free will’ means that we were created with minds with which we independently think, analyze, draw conclusions and make choices. Free will is what enables us to make choices, either for good or bad.
Within this divine spark lies our potential to shape the world. Proper use of free will beautifies and misuse of free will destroys. It is a uniquely human endeavor to learn to use free will properly.
By Shruti Bannerji
PGDM 18-20