Vijay Raghawan R J

Guest: Mr. Vijay Raghawan R J


“Vijay Raghawan R J,” he introduced himself with an affable smile. Every guest lecture set high expectations, but to find those expectations exceeded is distinctly gratifying. So was it when Mr. Raghawan started that evening addressing the PGDM batch of 2015-17 and 2016-18 of IMI Bhubaneswar. The lecture started on a peculiar note with Mr. Raghawan breaking the ice. He started with his journey from Bangalore and Chennai to being the HR head of Vodafone, Bhubaneswar. Moving ahead he talked about certain skills every aspiring manager should have, like coping with compliance, insecurity and dominance. To put in another way, he talked about having the sportsmanship in every budding manager.
Furthermore, he stated that to incorporate learning, “One must have fear, because it will push your efforts,” and “It is never late to start” as he went on over and above “genuine preparation never lets you down.”
As he went down the memory lane, he asked the audience whether IMI has a cultural committee, for he was quite elated reminiscing that he was a part of cultural committee too back in his college.
On being requested by a student, he also gave his experiential insights about the working of Vodafone circle in Odisha. Mr. Vijay Raghawan did not forget to throw some light on the work culture he initiated. He has a music band where he being the drummer performs every week to enliven his employees and perk up the ebb and flow of his organisation.
He responded to queries about emerging trends in the particular sector he is working on. He also shared his expectations as a recruiter from a candidate, specifically accentuating on ‘Honest Guts’, asking students to be honest to oneself and have a clarity of thought. Also advised to be honest to weaknesses and emboldened students no matter what to pursue their interest. Finally, with a grin he asked the students to enjoy the best two years of their life while pursuing MBA.
Last but not the least, Mr. Raghawan concluded that institutional tag matters, but after some years it is us, that is the students who matter. To put into words, he articulated his concluding speech as “You are a brand by yourself.”