Welcome to Prof. Arun Kumar Rath

Professor Arun Kumar Rath has recently joined to give his part to carry forward the legacy forward.
Faculty of Strategy and General Management, Mr. Rath has a vivid experience and a rich academic career. He was the Ninth position holder in Odisha during his high school days in 1963. He obtained first position while completing his B.Sc. as a Physics Major from Delhi University. He has even completed many certificate courses like “Certificate Course in Management of Rural development Projects” “Commercial Public Enterprise Management” from Birmingham University and Bradford University, UK respectively.

Recently, he has completed his Ph.D. in Business Administration from School of Management, KIIT University in 2008. Prof. Rath has a 36 year of administrative experience as a IAS. In 2009, he discovered his love for teaching and started his academic experience as Dean and Professor at, MDI Gurgaon. Prof. Rath’s experience is a sea of knowledge in which we will dive in to search for the pearls.
We welcome him into IMI, Bhubaneswar family with all our hearts and wish him a great association ahead.