Workshop Soft Skill Development

A workshop on ‘Soft Skill Development’ was conducted by Mrs. Reeba Kapoor, renowned motivational speaker of national repute at IMI Bhubaneswar for a period of three days from 10th to 12th August, 2018. The workshop was designed to nurture the soft skills, professional etiquettes and customary business demeanors among the students of the institute. The students were enthralled with the enthusiasm of Mrs. Kapoor and got to learn about creative, social and physical intelligence. Mrs. Kapoor taught some rare techniques of generating business ideas and shared tips to make CVs more attractive and meaningful.

A group activity titled ‘Think on Your Feet’ was held in which the students learnt the various ways to express their opinions and comments in a better way. A session on mock interview was also conducted to sensitise students about the interview process and to deal with related fear and anxiety. The workshop ended with a humble and friendly speech by Mrs. Kapoor.