The year 2017 was a year of change and new beginnings. It marked a new start and new light. The year was special because we get to know a lot of new people who eventually became our friends and teachers who assumed the role of our mentors and guided us with a torch in their hands.

It was June when we first came to the beautiful campus of IMI Bhubaneswar. It was an exciting day and that exciting day turned into exciting days which eventually turned to months and that summed up as an unusual and fantastic year.

The year was full of events and inspiring guest talks which started right from the orientation week and is still continuing with a true IMI tradition. As students we were exposed to the learnings and experiences of the masters.

Then came the first business event in August month Sparx, the IMights proved their metal by successfully organizing the event and wining many of them. It was a perfect display of synchronized effort of students and the teachers to make the event a success.

Soon the first trimester came to an end IMights faced another challenge in the mask of Phronesis and Jazbaa, but we took the challenge and converted it into an opportunity and showcased the range of talent the students of IMI got.

Finally the eventful year ended in December with annual International Conference in collaboration with Egade Business School, Mexico held at IMI and eminent faculties of reputed institutes presented their papers in the conference.

IMI is also aggregator of change and it focuses on imbibing good values in its students so that they could become good citizens and thereby also become better managers. Like every year the Independence Day was celebrated by hoisting the flag and planting the trees for a better environment and better future. We also celebrated Freshers with a night of DJ and some memorable performances by our friends.

To sum up, this year was refreshing start to journey with a hopeful end at the end of the journey.