Sadanand Ray
Polaris Financial Technology Limited
PGDM 2013-15

The Kickoff

My journey of internship was full of exciting junctures. It started well before the start of the project. It began from Bhubaneswar, wherein I decided to traverse on my bike all the way to Chennai, 1350 kms of pure ecstasy. My kin were against this because they were concerned about me, but a few well-wishers supported including Prof. Manit Mishra, which gave me the moral boost to continue what I decided and here I was in Chennai in two days’ time. I must tell, the experience would remain close to my heart all lifelong.

Project assigned

Next big thing to happen was right on the first day, when I was interviewed by my organizational mentor. First question which was put across after introduction and “tell me about yourself” session was what is your area of interest, I answered consulting and business analysis. I was offered something which would be put to work even after I am long gone from the organization, which is a rare thing in internship projects. I was asked to study and analyze the entire business application life cycle (BALC) at Polaris, by interacting with various teams working across different verticals and also to do a combat analysis of their flagship product CBX(Corporate Banking eXchange). The BALC report will have the entire life cycle and in-depth analysis of the strength, shortcomings and recommendations. The report will act as a guide to any new recruits to give an idea about how things work at Polaris and help the management to identify legacy processes which needs makeover. The combat analysis will help them identify market needs and how the competitor's offerings are different.

Knowledge garnered from IMI

For completion of these two reports I might not require any technical know-how, however those myriad reports prepared at IMI and immeasurable analysis done in those reports will make the work here less complex. When I proposed the use of management tools for analysis, it was well appreciated and I am hoping that I do justice to this project.