Amiya Kumar Samal
Student, PGDM 2015-17

I tried my best to sleep on the night of 10th June. Although I was tired due to arrangement of my room, still I could not sleep. I discovered that the excitement running in my spine was not allowing me to sleep. At 4.30am I started my first activity in IMI BHUBANESWAR, which was morning walk. The green view was enough to refresh me. After finishing all the daily activities including a nice breakfast, I left for inaugural ceremony of our batch that is PGDM 2015-2017.

Our esteemed director of IMI BHUBANESWAR lighted the lamp and the light of happiness dazzled the G4 room. Sir motivated us to work hard and to maintain a good moral character on his speech. He introduced all the faculty members to us. I was very much glad to know that our mentors and guides were highly experienced and intellectual persons. After that we introduced ourselves, to the faculty members and to our new friends. The ‘ice breaking activity’ of the 1st day was full of fun. We were taken through the rules and regulations of IMI in the next session.

The orientation week was loaded with activities as we learned so many things from different eminent speakers and motivators like Mr Tejeswar Parida, Mr. Abhisek Verma, Mr. S. K. Rath and so on. In the middle of the week the ‘talent hunt’ took place. I was surprised to see such a huge variety of talents. Our seniors shared their SIP experience with us in the orientation programme and the activity loaded week ended with the visit to Coca Cola industry.

When I left my home, family and personal belongings to shift to hostel I was worry about how I could be able to adjust in hostel. Being a home-seek guy I had never stayed alone outside. But with the end of the week all my worries vanished like stars in the dawn. I became a member of IMI family, got new friends and my journey towards a bright corporate career began.